• Question: how many types of rainbows are they?

    Asked by kaylee222 to Alan, Nick on 21 Mar 2014.
    • Photo: Alan Fitzsimmons

      Alan Fitzsimmons answered on 21 Mar 2014:

      There’s lots of different types! Apart from the most common rainbow, sometimes you can see a double rainbow together in the sky. If you look closely, you’ll notice the second rainbow has its colours in the reverse order from the first rainbow. That’s because of way light is reflected in the raindrops.

      There’s also a type of rainbow called a glory. You can see that from a mountain top or a plane, with your back to the Sun and look at the tops of clouds below you.

      There’s a few others as well but they’re much rarer. Some I’ve only seen once or twice, and some I’ve never seen at all!

    • Photo: Nick Wright

      Nick Wright answered on 21 Mar 2014:

      As well as normal rainbows you sometimes get double rainbows, but they’re much rarer and I’ve never seen one before, have you?