Thanks from your winner, Nick

nickwright-wWhat a great experience that was! I think my fingers were almost worn out with all the typing I did! It was such a great experience, I can’t believe that I won (my fellow scientists were amazing, they also deserve a lot of credit!).

The range and variety of questions that were sent to me were really impressive. It was great to see that so many of the students were reading my profile and asking questions about my work, but it was also great to get many other imaginative questions that showed how well some of the students understood scientific ideas or were interested in learning more about science.

I hope all the students and scientists enjoyed the event as much as I did. It was great working with the other scientists, Alan, Francesca, Lilly, and Deepak. Reading their answers also helped me learn about scientific concepts or gave me ideas for how to get complex ideas across to people.



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